Output To Other Software Packages

The Data Collector is able to export the collected and summarised data in csv format. These files can then be uploaded to spreadsheet programmes such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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The Data Collector will export the following data sets to .csv files:

  • Collected NMEA with additional source and timestamp information.
  • Summarised data points in either rowise or columnwise format.
  • Columnwise gives a row for each summary data point with the time dimension in each column.
  • Rowise creates a row in the file for each timeslot with the different datapoints in the columns.
  • Polar data set for the current session.
  • Polar data set for the comparison session.

The Data Collector will also export a track to a .kml file. This can be uploaded to Google Earth to display a visual representation of the course that the boat has followed. The basic track is supplemented by key metrics showing the boats performance at each sample point.

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