We originally developed the software to use on our race boat. By making it available for sale as a packaged product we aim to recover some of our costs. The more customers we have the more we can evolve the software over time to include the functionality that we and our customers really want.

For 2018 we are changing our licensing model.

We will offer three alternatives:

An annual license valid for one year from the date of the purchase. This can be bought online using Paypal for the payment and downloading of the software from our website.

Its the simplest licensing model that we could come up with that allowed us to keep developing the product. As part of the purchase process we will email you a license key. You need to enter that key into the application as part of the installation process. That key will make your software work for a year from the date of purchase.

The license key can only be used on a single boat at any given time.  We appreciate that you might be on one boat today and another tomorrow so you can take your license key with you when you go to the next boat.

Effectively you are buying the right to use our software for a 12 month period. During the twelve month period you will be entitled to any upgrades and patches we release. These patches and updates will be posted on the Ashtree Marine website for download.

Once your license expires you can renew with us for another year.

For 2018 we are offering a longer term license.

This will cover upgrades and support for the first year. The license key itself will be valid for 10 years. The software is still available to download but you will need to contact us to obtain a license key and make payment. We will be offering this at a higher price than the one year license but that gives us the ability to provide more detailed email support.

Finally; we will continue to update and make available for download a basic version of the product. This will collect data from a command line application but does not have the GUI interface of the full product.

If you don’t feel that your circumstances exactly fit with the models defined above, for instance, if you have 30 boats completing in a regatta and you only need the software for a week, we should be able to agree a license arrangement that meets your needs.