About Ashtree Marine

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Not so long ago one of the partners of a software development consultancy was looking for some software to work out why his yacht wasn’t winning races.

Though there were a lot of sophisticated chart plotters on the market there didn’t seem to be anything that would allow him to carry out the classic data analysis that he was doing as part of his day job. He wanted to drag the data out of the Navigation and GPS system then manipulate the data in a analysis tool like Excel. It didn’t sound that hard so why wasn’t anyone doing it ?

The partner started reading up on NMEA data standards and before long the concepts that lie behind the NMEA Data Collector had started to evolve.

After a number of years hard graft, and a number of false starts and evolutionary dead ends, what you see described on these pages was ready to take to the battle field that is big boat racing.

Each year the data collector evolves, gaining and losing functionality based on what was useful the previous season.

Ashtree Marine was setup to make the data collector software available to a wider audience.